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My Baby Girl Daily Routine

Below is an image of what chloe's loves to do in everyday basis.

My baby girl loves writing scribbles on paper, watching dora the explorer and playing organ at the age of 1 year and 10 months. I'm very glad that she's very engage on doing this interactive acts. She also love reading books. What a very fulfilling scene whenever I see her having fun while doing those things. Time really flies nga talaga! Now, my little baby is now a fine and very active toddler.

When Chloe Meets Chocolate

" It is a sure disaster and funny moments! "

Chloe turns 1 year old

My lovely daughter turned 1 year old last August 5, 2011. Time really flies fast talaga noh? I still remember the day when I gave birth to her, the pains and sufferings that almost took me 12 hours of laboring which turned into the joyous feeling I've felt after I saw her.

Now, she can walk on her own. Smile and make kulit whenever she wants to. Anyway, let me show you want happened last Aug 5 and 6.

Pictures below are taken last Aug 5, 2011

Eds and Chloe: last Aug. 5 when we visited at our office

My Little Girl Walking Exercise

I have mentioned on my previous blog that chloe can now take a little two steps. So for her to learn how to walk fully, here's the video clip of a walking exercise for her.

On the video, we let chloe push something. In that way, she can learn how to walk little by little. :)

My little girl turned 11-Months-Old today

Yay! My little angel turned 11 months today. One month to go and it's going to be her 1st year existence on earth. Gosh, I still don't have plan on that special day but I'm hoping I can cope up with the budget and advice all the people I'm going to invite.

Here's actually my little plan for that day, I'm just going to have a simple celebration with the people who are dear to my heart. People who didn't even bother to judge me nor left me hanging in times I am really down and depress. :)

Anyway, here's the simple things that chloe can do now that she's already 11 months old:

Baby in Black

Here's the reason why the title is like that:

Chloe's 9 Months Old Pictures

Remember my previous blog about chloe's turned 9 months old last May 05, 2011? Anyway, here's some of the pictures I've captured on that special day.

chloe turned 9 months old last 050511!

Last May 05, 2011, My little girl turned 9 months. Oh how fast the time really is, it was like yesterday when I'm carrying her inside my womb but now she turned into more active and lovely child.

In line with this, here are the things she can do now:

What to do when baby bites?

I'm doing a research on what to do when baby bites. Yeah, you've read it right. Since my baby girl has 4 front teeth now, she actually loves gnaw, chomp and tear my skin - my arm, belly, and sometimes my nipple.

Anyway, these are some of the quick tips I found on the net:

Ignore and Distract. I am sure that it hurts like hell, but any response makes the recurrence of biting. Your child loves to learn new ways to use to influence his world. Detach him, take a deep breath, and move on.

My Baby Feeding Routines

Since my baby started to eat solid food as early as 4 months. Here is the baby feeding routines I/we always follow:

During the whole day:
  • Formula (since I'm at work)
  • Infant cereal (preferably cerelac with different flavors)
  • Water or Formula 

Common Baby Teething Symptoms

My little daughter's two little teeth. :)
Teething usually begins around 6-8 months of age. This can actually happen at any age. Their are some babies who actually born with a teeth, although it is rare. Others get their teeth as early as 3 months or even as late as 12 months.

I remember the time when my little chloe start teething around 7 months. She has a sore gums and she is very irritable. Thank God because she haven't experience night waking or even diarrhea like others baby do. Well, this scenario explains that teething symptoms may really vary from child to child.

Chloe's 8 month old pictures!

As I promised yesterday, here are chloe's shot I've taken:

while she's nursing...

I don't know what she's up to on this shot...

Chloe's going to be 8-months old tomorrow!

I've been posting so much drama on this blog recently. I think it's time for me to focus on what other things that makes me busy for several days. Anyway, for the heads ups, my girl would be 8-months old tomorrow. So here's some things she can do now:

when baby smile...

While waiting for my turn to use the sink this morning, I look at her angelic face and there I saw her usual  innocent smile. A smile that tells me it will going to be a good day ahead. A smile that brings joy to my heart whenever I see her especially after a long and tiring day at work.


Chloe's crawling so fast now. I remember the first time when I saw her struggling and crawling backwards. That was really funny. Until the day came that she crawled properly, and thank God I was there when she take her first crawl. :)

Here's the video clip of her first attempt to crawl:

Rashes on chloe's ass =(

When I got home after work last night, my mom told me that chloe is always scratching her ass. So I inspect her down area and I found out that she has rashes. See the picture above that's how the rashes looks like.

Burned babies need more aid

Remember my previous blog about the three babies who were burned when the lamp explode? Well, I just recently read an update about it.Here's the excerpt of the news I've read:
"In a privilege speech during the regular council session on Friday, Councilor Margarita "Margot" OsmeƱa emphasized that the explosion of a bulb last February 20, which injured three newborns, was an accident.
But she also said the City Government must assure the parents of the victims of its full commitment to help the infants deal with any effects of the accident.

Chloe's 7 Month Birthday!

Yes, you've read it right! Yesterday is my little girl 7 month's birthday. Oh, it's been so long since I haven't posted anything about my little girl here. Anyway, time really fly fast. It was like yesterday when I gave birth to you my little girl and now you're like a little lady.

This is chloe's first few shots:

baby story
chloe's first week
and now, this is her recent shots:

3 babies were burned when lamp explodes!

I was shocked when I first read about this news. I don't know exactly what happen. But base on the article at, CCMC Chief Eduardo Sedoripa said it was an accident. However, he said the lamp might have been overused.

Choosing the right diaper for our baby

(source: lutes)
Aside from making sure that that your baby is safe from rashes and other skin diseases, purchasing the precise types of diaper may also help you spare money. This is why picking the best type is really significant. Below are a few things that you must think of. 

*  First, look at the materials that the baby diaper is made of. It should be very absorbent ensuring that baby stay dry for long period of time