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My Baby Feeding Routines

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Since my baby started to eat solid food as early as 4 months. Here is the baby feeding routines I/we always follow:

During the whole day:
  • Formula (since I'm at work)
  • Infant cereal (preferably cerelac with different flavors)
  • Water or Formula 

  • cooked food like mashed potato, mashed carrot, etc.
  • Some water to drink
  • Fruit puree (sometimes)
Afternoon snack:
  • Infant cereal (preferably cerelac with different flavors)
  • soft bread/biscuit sometimes ( Is it okay if I give her this?)
  • Water or Formula 
At bed time:

Well, I think I need to introduce some new foods to her little by little so I can observe any allergic reactions. How about you mommies, what is your baby feeding routines / schedules?

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