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What to do when baby bites?

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I'm doing a research on what to do when baby bites. Yeah, you've read it right. Since my baby girl has 4 front teeth now, she actually loves gnaw, chomp and tear my skin - my arm, belly, and sometimes my nipple.

Anyway, these are some of the quick tips I found on the net:

Ignore and Distract. I am sure that it hurts like hell, but any response makes the recurrence of biting. Your child loves to learn new ways to use to influence his world. Detach him, take a deep breath, and move on.

Offer Teething Relief. Frozen fresh wipes, teething rings or any recommended by your pediatrician for pain releif should be your first concern. Mostly biting is cause by his erupting teeth. Biting feels good - that's why he is doing it.

Give her food or milk - or don't. Sometimes biting occurs when our baby is hungry. The next time,it is because he is getting bored. If the biting still occurs, you may want to change the tactics of others listed here.

Gonna try those ways. Anyway, I hope you will also find this handy. :)

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