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Birthday letter to my dearest princess

Happy 5th Birthday C.A.!!

To you my dearest princess, we've been through a hell of ups & down. I wanna say sorry for all the disappointments I've caused you especially when I wasn't able to fulfill my dream for you - having a complete family (biological mom & dad + you). Sorry anak, di ko kasi kinaya lahat ng sakit ng nakaraan, someday you'll gonna know and understand everything about the story of the past. But hey, just so you know, we can still be called a family nevertheless since real definition of family doesn't only bind with the connection of blood. Family is the people in your life, who want you theirs; the one who accept you for who you are & the ones who would do anything to see you smile and who loves you no matter what.  Andyan si caleb, si dada, mama, lolo, tito jr at tito caycay diba? Di lang halata pero sobrang love ka nila. Sorry for the dramatic intro anak. Anyway, Happiest 5th birthday to you! though hindi ganun kagarbo atleast makita kitang masaya at malusog ayos na ayos na ako. Di man natin inaasahan ung nagyari kahapon still we manage to celebrate your birthday and ang mahalaga you are okay now - Very very okay! Thankful that all the lab test were negative! Tsaka Diba may elsa cake ka pa tapos all the staff on the hospital greeted you a happy birthday plus the doctor gave you a key chain dog. :)

Happy happy birthday anak! I know I am strong because of you and I will continue to be strong (much! much pa!) para sa inyo ni caleb. I really love you, always will. To the infinity and beyond nga ang peg natin kahit madalas tayong aso't pusa. Walang sawang bangayan. Haha pero sa totoo lang, I love you anak! Always & Forever! I hope you'll grow as fine lady who loves God eternally. May God bless you always!


How to check your SSS Loan Balance via Online Inquiry

As I've doing my search about SSS, I've came to this post wherein people where asking how to check their SSS loan balance. They provided their loan account number on this particular site without even knowing that they can actually see it via an online SSS account. See image for reference:

source: via yahoo answer
Anyway, for you people, here's the easy steps for you to check your loan status and balance. I included images for better instructions.

1. First is you need to register and login for your member contribution information on the SSS Philippines website here:

2. After that, you will get redirected to member's homepage. Click E-services, under that is Inquiry, Apply for Salary Loan & Submit Maternity Notification. Click for Inquiry.

3. After clicking the Inquiry, you will get redirected to Employee's Static Information wherein you can view all about your SSS account - loans, benefits, etc. Click for loans, under that is Loan Status/Loan Info. This is the section where you can see all about your loan information.

4. You will get redirected to Loan information page wherein you can see a summary of your loan. Click the "Statement of Account & Loan Payments" to view the list of all availed SSS loans.

5. You will get to this page, wherein you can see the loan application details, loan information & as well the list of availed loan. Click the recent SSS Salary loan that you have applied for to see your payments and balance.

6. As I said earlier, you will get redirected to the page which shows you the total amount of paid & balance of your SSS loan. See the image below.

I hope this simple tutorial helps you guys on how to keep yourself updated with regards to your SSS loan payments & balance. Let me know if you have questions or any other concern via comment.

Every pain has a purpose


It all started when I'm 19, I went out with a guy who was 1 year younger than me and was probably my first proper experience of dating and so called thing - "relationship". My family didn't know about everything that happen in between on that relationship. The relationship lasted a couple of years but I leave the relationship when I couldn't stand the pain it gives me. I must admit he was the source of my happiness yet he was also the reason of my misery that time. It was actually 2010 when I learned there is someone else he was seeing - it was also the year when our daughter seen the world for the very first time. Oh imagine the pain it gave me plus the pain I have to endure facing everyone in the family and people around me.

Looking back to all those painful scenarios, I'm thankful that I wasn't able to commit suicide. It's true that every pains you've endure become your cure in the long run. I must say that I am much stronger now and happy as well. Thankful that God gave me strength to face all those dark days. Thankful that I have people around me that inspire me and help me to continue to explore the world. Now, as I am writing this, I have my own family with 2 beautiful kids (my daughter & my son ) whom I spent almost all my time. I'm very grateful to the man that God have given me because he accepted me for who I am - past, present & future. Really, God is so great!

So to everyone who's into dark days because of failed relationships & other reason, 
Remember: "Pick up yourself and don't rely on someone else for your happiness and self-worth or your reason for being because I tell  you can be happy without them."

Note: (if you can able to read this) "to you, praying & hoping you find your own happiness as well. Thank you for all those experiences - best & worst - it mold me to the person who I am now.  God bless! "

Why I love being a mom...

We all know that motherhood is the toughest job in the whole wide world - no salary, no day offs and no resignation - yet it is the most rewarding job you could ever have in your life. Below's the list of reasons why I'm loving it in every bit:

  • I love being a mom because it helps me to strive more to be a better person.
  • I love being a mom because my children are my inspiration.
  • I love being a mom because I receive lots of kisses and hugs that no any amount can match its value.
  • I love being a mom because it helps me to realize how to love unconditionally.
  • I love being a mom because my kids makes me happy everyday.
  • I love being a mom because it is a constant reminder that I am bless by God everyday.
  • I love being a mom because motherhood gave me a deeper sense of purpose.
  • And last but not the least, I love being a mom because it is the most rewarding job a woman will ever have!

Good morning sunshine!

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. - Marcus Aurelius

One Sunday morning, we wake up early than the usual coz you told me we are off to go somewhere. We wear the helmet,  I wrap my hand around your waist and you started the engine. Minutes of a long ride, we stop and you let me captured the beautiful sunrise at the highest peak of the road at Antipolo. I gazed to the eternal blue sky, with beautiful sunrise and sea of clouds and thankfully whispering to HIM that it is indeed a blessed day.  I have witnessed one of the beautiful sunrise in my life.  I must admit I like this new experience, wandering through the city with your hand in mine. 

Good morning sunshine!

My First ever SSS Salary Loan

After working for more than 3 years in different companies, finally I have used my SSS loan benefit for the first time.

For first timers like me, as long as you have 36 posted monthly contributions, you are qualified to file a loan. 
Anyway, these are the following SSS Salary loan requirements I submitted to our HR:

  1. Photocopy of my SSS ID, Company ID and any other 1 valid ID for supporting document. For voluntary, just you’re SSS ID and other 2 valid IDs.
  2. Accomplished SSS loan application form (click here to download SSS Loan Form)
  3. Prepare as well an authorization letter, if the company will process it in behalf of you. (For employed members only.)

Whoala! Just easy as 1-2-3! All you have to do now is to wait for the check which will take a couple of weeks before it will arrive. Or you can check your SSS online account (if you have one!) from time to time to check your loan status. 

On your online SSS account, you will see a Check Generated Status, Check Date, Loan Amount, Check Amount and your monthly amortization which will be deducted on your salary after two months. See image below for reference: 

Check will be delivered to your employer’s address for SSS employed members or to your home address if you are voluntary or separated members. So I’m expecting mine to receive at our office since our HR was the one who filed it for me. :)

My 25 To Do List for 2013

Since I'm turning 25 this year, these are the 25 random things I want to accomplish for 2013:
  1. Finished Og Mandino's Book "Greatest Salesman in the World"
  2. Apply for Internet connection at home
  3. Educate myself regarding financial literacy and invest some money on Mutual Fund
  4. Playroom or Gala with my chloe (in short, spend more time with her.)
  5. Planner ( for tracking down my schedules)
  6. Be regularized at work (5 more months pa before final evaluation!)
  7. Tita Chitt's new cellphone (promised ko to eh!)
  8. New DVD  - Mama already bought it.
  9. New washing machine - bought it as gift for my mom. 
  10. New electric fan
  11. First ever SSS loan
  12. First ever Pagibig loan
  13. Save a total of 10K for chloe - I shouldn't crossed it out since I only achieve half of it. But still I'm glad I already have some.
  14. Finished my craft blog design
  15. Learn how to cook a perfect adobo
  16. Be more productive.
  17. Improve my communication skills.
  18. Exercise and stay healthy! (UTI hope I get you out of my system this year)
  19. Get a new phone for myself.
  20. Pamper myself at least 1x a month ( get a new hairstyle, massage or facial, or whatever thingy that makes me feel so relax!)
  21. Stay happy and positive!
  22. Explore more about my career field.
  23. Learn how to do web designing again. (Gosh! This is something I need to remember & work on.)
  24. Be blessing to others. Get in touch with friends and family.
  25. Be on time! (need to work on my time, since then, da is always complaining I am always late.) - I'm glad I make on time for work and other appointments. :)
I hope that I can achieve some on this list. How about you guys, what are the items included on your 2013 to do list? 


Grrrr, I can't upload my daughter's video clip here on my blog. My card reader / Memory card is not working properly right now. I wonder what happened on this? Anyway, love to share this:  

Relax, I don't hate you. Hating someone takes time & energy, and believe me, I have no intention whatsoever of wasting either of the two on you.

I Don't Get It

Do I really need to bear a grudge for a person who really hurt me before?  It isn't necessary right?  But why some people (mostly people who are very dear to my heart) said that I SHOULD! I don't really get it. I'm moving forward and I wasn't expecting anything at all. Kumbaga, bahala na sya at bahala na si God sa kanya. I am happy now because  I no longer feel the burden of my past. I can smile no matter what because I know God loves me for who I am and who will I become. And besides, there are lot of reasons to be happy despite of all the life roughly adventures.

When he came into my life...

I actually wrote it before (I think that was 2 months ago) but I saved it first as a draft since I'm searching for ways on how I can publish this with encryption. Well, glad that I found ways. :)

Anyway, for those of you who want to try this. You can check out this site for tutorial.I hope this would also work for you. :)

Show encrypted text

Yesterday and the Lessons


It was like yesterday when we're teasing each other and had a great bonding until I get tired and lean on you.

It was like yesterday when I'm singing while you're playing the guitar.

It was like yesterday when you promised me that the white rose would never ever be turned wilt.

It was like yesterday when we run under the heavy rain then went to the mall even though we were totally wet.

I'm Jealous

I'm jealous of all the people whom I saw happiness in their eyes.

I'm jealous of the cuddling and bonding moments of couples.

I'm jealous of those women who have a happy and whole family.

I'm jealous of all the greatest pleasures other people are experiencing now.

I'm jealous...

But despite of that bitterness, there is still great feeling I don't want to take away from me.

It is the unconditional love I feel and give to the guy I love the most and the greatest happiness I feel when I'm with my daughter.

My little girl turned 11-Months-Old today

Yay! My little angel turned 11 months today. One month to go and it's going to be her 1st year existence on earth. Gosh, I still don't have plan on that special day but I'm hoping I can cope up with the budget and advice all the people I'm going to invite.

Here's actually my little plan for that day, I'm just going to have a simple celebration with the people who are dear to my heart. People who didn't even bother to judge me nor left me hanging in times I am really down and depress. :)

Anyway, here's the simple things that chloe can do now that she's already 11 months old:

My New Blog Header!

Just when I got bored with the simple text header of my blog, that's why I become more eager now to research for a tutorial on how to make a blogger header using GIMP.

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, is an open source graphic editing software like photoshop.

Here's a simple tutorial for those who are interested.

1. First, you need to open your GIMP program and select file > New

2. On the blank canvas that you have, select File > Open and search now for the picture file you're going to use.

First Massage Experience!

Last Friday , I had my first massage and foot bath experience with my best bud, chenie, at Islands Massage Mobile and Day Spa which we actually availed on online groupon site - Metrodeal. I must say that was really a nice and relaxing night. We actually entertained as a regular customer. They already assisted us and had our foot bath first at their guest area. After that, we went upstairs for the whole body massage procedure. Uhm at first, we were kinda hesitant when the masseuse said that we need to put off our bra. Shy? Not really. We were just not comfortable on that matter. But because it is a must, we put off our bra. Thanks to the lights off scheme they have we manage to do that. Lol.

This is finally over!

I hate it. I hate what happened to us. I didn't want this. But why?

Lately, I'm doing too much thinking. Thinking lots of ifs and possibilities that might had come my way.

Actually, it is so hard to let go of the feeling which I treasured the most in my life. Please tell me how I should cope up with this. I don't know how to heal a broken heart. Oh God, please help me.

So Much Pain...

The pains and heartaches I have felt is enough already. After I saw his profile with a new album with his new girlfriend then that's the time I found out and say to myself, "it is over already". This relationship will never have a happy ending. He already find his life and now, it is time for me to start my whole new life. I actually don't know where to start but I hope with God's grace and with my little angel who become my strength and new happiness, I know little by little I can cope up with this trials.

Maybe, God has a reason why I'm experiencing all this hurts and challenges. Whatever the reason behind this, I know that He is preparing something more beautiful for me.  I think I should now learn how to be patient and strengthen my faith to wait for His own time to work on my life.

Should I Let Go Now?

I was so fool. I thought the moment we've talk was the start of something new to us. But I was wrong, it was only your way to connect to me in order for you to hurt me again. Now, I'm asking you, are you happy now? You messed up with my life again.

My Friday Leave

I love what happened last May 6, 2011 though it was really hot and tiring day, I had a great fun. I can say that my leave was really worth it.

Anyway on that day, we went to The Medical City to have my mom ear checkup and since I don't want to wait, I had my eye to check. Yes, I've done that because I almost experienced pain and blurring when I am doing my work. After the checkup, good to know that I still have a 20-20 vision. The only thing the doctor found out is my eyes are super dry so she gave me a prescription (Maybe it's because of too much exposure on computer screen).

Manicure & Pedicure Experience - Group Vouchers Philippines

Me and my friend, chenie, had a great Saturday last May 07, 2011 after we have availed the voucher we bought at ensogo - one of the numerous group buying sites that recently invades internet world. Anyway, below is the soft copy of the voucher we used at Studio Zen Salon for manicure and pedicure service worth P150 only.