Bitter Sweet Life

A collection of my life (mis) adventures on being a wife, mom, daughter, friend, and anything in between.

Story of My Baby's Long Sleeve Onesies

It's really a fun shot. I just tried out the pink long sleeve onesies that her ninang gave her a year ago. Glad that it can fit to chloe now. Love it so much! See my photoblog opt. :)


Grrrr, I can't upload my daughter's video clip here on my blog. My card reader / Memory card is not working properly right now. I wonder what happened on this? Anyway, love to share this:  

Relax, I don't hate you. Hating someone takes time & energy, and believe me, I have no intention whatsoever of wasting either of the two on you.

English Class First Day

Yes, you've read it right! I've enrolled myself to an english class at The American Institute of English Proficiency. Thanks to edna - one of my officemate who shouldered first the fee! Anyway, I just had my first day of class today. It was really a fun interaction with other students. We introduced ourselves and then we had a simple activity wherein we create a speech per group. The topic assigned to our group is about love. Oh love - the crucial thing I have in life. Lol. Anyway, thank God that I've only discuss about the love we get and experience from our friends. Haha. Oh after we delivered our speech, there are some comments and points I need to improve based on what chewy said.

I Don't Get It

Do I really need to bear a grudge for a person who really hurt me before?  It isn't necessary right?  But why some people (mostly people who are very dear to my heart) said that I SHOULD! I don't really get it. I'm moving forward and I wasn't expecting anything at all. Kumbaga, bahala na sya at bahala na si God sa kanya. I am happy now because  I no longer feel the burden of my past. I can smile no matter what because I know God loves me for who I am and who will I become. And besides, there are lot of reasons to be happy despite of all the life roughly adventures.