Bitter Sweet Life

A collection of my life (mis) adventures on being a wife, mom, daughter, friend, and anything in between.

This is finally over!

I hate it. I hate what happened to us. I didn't want this. But why?

Lately, I'm doing too much thinking. Thinking lots of ifs and possibilities that might had come my way.

Actually, it is so hard to let go of the feeling which I treasured the most in my life. Please tell me how I should cope up with this. I don't know how to heal a broken heart. Oh God, please help me.

Facts About Sitting : It Could Actually Kill You

Everyone (pretending that I have lots of reader. Lol), check this out. I just saw this at yahoo page. The image caters various facts about sitting. Oh after I read about this, I thought to myself that I could die anytime because I sit for almost ten hours a day. Haha.

Last Song Syndrome - Porque

I think my post title is not appropriate on this because I am actually  listening forthis the whole day. *sigh*

Porque (Tagalog Version) Lyrics

Tulala lang sa’king kwarto
At nagmu-muni-muni
Ang tanong sa’king sarili
Sa’n ako nagkamali
Bakit sa’yo pa nagkagusto
Parang bula ika’y naglaho


Porque contigo yo ya iskuji
Aura mi corazon ta supri
Bien simple lang iyo ta pidi
Era cinti tu el cosa yo ya cinti
Ta pidi milagro, vira’l tiempo
El mali hace derecho
Na dimio reso ta pidi yo
Era olvidas yo contigo

So Much Pain...

The pains and heartaches I have felt is enough already. After I saw his profile with a new album with his new girlfriend then that's the time I found out and say to myself, "it is over already". This relationship will never have a happy ending. He already find his life and now, it is time for me to start my whole new life. I actually don't know where to start but I hope with God's grace and with my little angel who become my strength and new happiness, I know little by little I can cope up with this trials.

Maybe, God has a reason why I'm experiencing all this hurts and challenges. Whatever the reason behind this, I know that He is preparing something more beautiful for me.  I think I should now learn how to be patient and strengthen my faith to wait for His own time to work on my life.