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Thanksgiving 2013: What I am grateful for?

Two more days and it will be thanksgiving day in US, but here in Philippines there's actually no specific date or month it is celebrated (in short, it is nonexistent). Yet still, some Filipino's were celebrating it - mostly because of influence (ehem!).

Anyway, in line with the thanksgiving event in US this November 28, below is my list of the things i'm grateful for 2013:

  1.  First is to the Almighty God who bring me to life and never abandoned me. 
  2.  Second is to myself who continue to move forward despite of all the things that life is throwing me. 
  3. Third, for the pains which become my opportunity to grow up.
  4.  Fourth, for bringing Caleb here in earth safely.
  5. Fifth, for Chloe who always bring cheer in my heart (though she's growing up as a maldita).
  6. Sixth, for my partner who accept me for being me - PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.
  7. Seventh, for my mom who continuously supporting me. Taking care of my children though I know she's complaining already even without saying it verbally.
  8. Eighth, for my immediate family (my father and 2 bros) who will be the first three boys of my life.
  9. Ninth, for my friends who will be there always even though we were not seeing each other often.
  10. Tenth, for my career who gives me opportunity to learn and earn.
  11. Eleventh, for the internet which happen to be my outlet to view the world.
  12. Twelfth, for bloggers, online forum community and Facebook groups which help me learn and share things and meet new friends as well.
  13. Thirteenth, for all the blessing's I have received and will receive before the year ends.

How about you what are the thing you were thankful for? Don't hesitate to share it below. 

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be sure to count your life's blessings and small miracles.