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EMDC Experience

"You're the one who'll put a cherry bandage, I will be the one to remove the syringe needle"

Those are the words I heard when the nurses are arranging the syringe and other medical accessories on my mom's arms. She was scheduled this morning for hemodialysis (a process which clean the blood using a machine). It made me realize how serious her illness is. 

Sample picture of hemodialysis
Anyway, the scene made me remember the time when she was hospitalized back in September 22, 2004 at RMC (next day would be my birthday). She looks really pale and skinny. You can actually see the pain in her eyes that time. Though she was on that kind of pain and sacrifices, I am amazed with her because she can still  manage to smile and survive. Well, we're very thankful to our dear God because it's been 6 years already and she still have the same courage to fight for her life. Wonder what her ultimate reason? It's her family - us! It made me teary eyed (I actually want to cry when I heard that but I manage not to). Lol

Back to reality, we were at EMDC. Her treatment would last for 4 hours so what do you think I'm doing there? Obviously, I'm sitting beside her while writing this post just to kill the boredom of waiting. =)