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Opened a BDO Junior's Savers Club Account today!

Because of being an avid reader/member of SmartParenting (a house of  an active community of parents who seek support and information from each other through a credible and fun venue.), I came along with the kiddie saving bank account thread which give me insights to start saving for my baby's needs and for her future as well. So the eagerness of saving for my daughter led me to opened a BDO junior savings account today.

Why I chose BDO? Mainly, it's because of accessibility since there are two branches available and near at my office.

Anyway, BDO Junior's Saver Club is a passbook savings account for children who are 12 years old and younger.


Initial deposit requirement, PHP 500.00 PHP 500.00
Minimum monthly ADB requirement PHP 100.00
Minimum balance to earn interest PHP 500.00
Interest rate per annum 0.2500%

Requirements you need to prepare:
  1. Birth certificate of your baby
  2. Your baby picture
  3. 2 valid ID of parent who will open the account
  4. 1 1x1 ID oicture of the parent who will open the account
  5.  Last is the money you are going to deposit which is the most important one!
After few minutes of waiting for the teller to process my request, I got the passbook at the same day! So happy that I chose a right decision here. How about you guys, What are your ways to invest for your child's future need?

The Little Model


When Chloe saw my sandals ( a 3" wedge), she tried to wear it and walk all our around our house. Lol.

Mommy & Chloe Kulitan Moment

Haha, I haven't updated this blog since then. There actually lot of things that happened but can't cope up with my schedule in order for me to do a blog post. Anyway, I would like to share to you our mommy & me night kulitan with chloe. These photos were taken last saturday night (Sept. 17, 2011)

love this wacky shot.

When Chloe Meets Chocolate

" It is a sure disaster and funny moments! "

Baby in Black

Here's the reason why the title is like that:

Chloe's 9 Months Old Pictures

Remember my previous blog about chloe's turned 9 months old last May 05, 2011? Anyway, here's some of the pictures I've captured on that special day.

My Friday Leave

I love what happened last May 6, 2011 though it was really hot and tiring day, I had a great fun. I can say that my leave was really worth it.

Anyway on that day, we went to The Medical City to have my mom ear checkup and since I don't want to wait, I had my eye to check. Yes, I've done that because I almost experienced pain and blurring when I am doing my work. After the checkup, good to know that I still have a 20-20 vision. The only thing the doctor found out is my eyes are super dry so she gave me a prescription (Maybe it's because of too much exposure on computer screen).

chloe turned 9 months old last 050511!

Last May 05, 2011, My little girl turned 9 months. Oh how fast the time really is, it was like yesterday when I'm carrying her inside my womb but now she turned into more active and lovely child.

In line with this, here are the things she can do now:

Chloe's 8 month old pictures!

As I promised yesterday, here are chloe's shot I've taken:

while she's nursing...

I don't know what she's up to on this shot...

Saturday night party turned into drama

Well, I spent another saturday at office  since we offset it for the seminar we're going to attend on April 1 - 2. Okay, actually I'm not in a mood to work since it supposed to be our rest day. Well, thank God that I survive that negative feeling. After a long tiring day at the office, I went straight to my friend's birthday party (Lime). Then two of my friends that are already there ask me to go home to get my camera, so I go home. I'm actually supposed to get the camera alone, but my mom insisted that I should brought chloe. Get the idea? Yeah, I went to the party with my child. :)

When we were there, guess what? Chloe is the star of the night. Everybody there want to kiss and hug her. It's like it's her birthday party well in fact it's her ninang's birthday party.

when baby smile...

While waiting for my turn to use the sink this morning, I look at her angelic face and there I saw her usual  innocent smile. A smile that tells me it will going to be a good day ahead. A smile that brings joy to my heart whenever I see her especially after a long and tiring day at work.


Chloe's crawling so fast now. I remember the first time when I saw her struggling and crawling backwards. That was really funny. Until the day came that she crawled properly, and thank God I was there when she take her first crawl. :)

Here's the video clip of her first attempt to crawl:

Rashes on chloe's ass =(

When I got home after work last night, my mom told me that chloe is always scratching her ass. So I inspect her down area and I found out that she has rashes. See the picture above that's how the rashes looks like.

Chloe's 7 Month Birthday!

Yes, you've read it right! Yesterday is my little girl 7 month's birthday. Oh, it's been so long since I haven't posted anything about my little girl here. Anyway, time really fly fast. It was like yesterday when I gave birth to you my little girl and now you're like a little lady.

This is chloe's first few shots:

baby story
chloe's first week
and now, this is her recent shots: