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Azkals win over the Blue Wolves!

Yes, it is! The Philippine Azkals defeated the Mongolia Blue Wolves with a 2-0 score. I actually watched the game at Studio 23. And indeed, the game was really great and exciting! According to ABS-CBN sports, there were over 18,000 people who watched the game at Panaad Stadium in Bacolod City.

Philippine Azkals

This is really a good news for our dear country after those tragic stories that happened few days ago. Congratulations and thank you Azkals for lifting the Filipino spirit again!  :D

Philippines' bank notes got a new look!

I just recently seen the new and improved Philippine bank notes. And I think they look really cool and great! Not only for the new design but also for its new security features.

These new bills still continue to honor great Filipinos. In addition, it also features some local tourist spots like Banaue rice teracces in P20 bill.

Sir Amando Tetangco, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Governor said that the new currencies took three years to complete, from conceptualization and printing.

(100 Peso Bill new design)
He also said that the new bills will make it “difficult for counterfeiters to copy while easier for people to determine counterfeits.”

These new bill will be in circulation this December together with the old bank notes which will be still accepted within the next 3 years(2013).

Anyway, you can view the other  images at this link:

P.S. I'm excited to got one at hand. And I guess I should start collecting the old ones. ^^