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Thanksgiving 2013: What I am grateful for?

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Two more days and it will be thanksgiving day in US, but here in Philippines there's actually no specific date or month it is celebrated (in short, it is nonexistent). Yet still, some Filipino's were celebrating it - mostly because of influence (ehem!).

Anyway, in line with the thanksgiving event in US this November 28, below is my list of the things i'm grateful for 2013:

  1.  First is to the Almighty God who bring me to life and never abandoned me. 
  2.  Second is to myself who continue to move forward despite of all the things that life is throwing me. 
  3. Third, for the pains which become my opportunity to grow up.
  4.  Fourth, for bringing Caleb here in earth safely.
  5. Fifth, for Chloe who always bring cheer in my heart (though she's growing up as a maldita).
  6. Sixth, for my partner who accept me for being me - PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.
  7. Seventh, for my mom who continuously supporting me. Taking care of my children though I know she's complaining already even without saying it verbally.
  8. Eighth, for my immediate family (my father and 2 bros) who will be the first three boys of my life.
  9. Ninth, for my friends who will be there always even though we were not seeing each other often.
  10. Tenth, for my career who gives me opportunity to learn and earn.
  11. Eleventh, for the internet which happen to be my outlet to view the world.
  12. Twelfth, for bloggers, online forum community and Facebook groups which help me learn and share things and meet new friends as well.
  13. Thirteenth, for all the blessing's I have received and will receive before the year ends.

How about you what are the thing you were thankful for? Don't hesitate to share it below. 

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be sure to count your life's blessings and small miracles. 

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How We Can Help Philippines Typhoon Victims

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As we all know, our beloved country Philippines was hit by the strongest typhoon "Yolanda" (internationl name: super typhoon "haiyan") last November 8, 2013. This was the strongest typhoon ever that hit Philippines and was considered as well as the worst typhoon in the world for 2013.

As the death toll, there were already 1,774 number of deaths caused by super typhoon said by a government agency last Monday night. It is really heart breaking to see them in that situation. As seeing the video and pictures in the internet and  in the news, trees, houses, road and other infrastructure like airport and churches were wrecked.  Almost all the typhoon victims were asking for food and water and most of the child are getting sick already. 
People you can do even small things to help them. Spring clean your old clothes, get your slippers that you're not using anymore yet still in good condition and even some of the blanket that is only kept on your wardrobe may do good to the victims. And if you have some spare on your budget, you may buy bottled water and some noodles and bring them at some drop off areas. 

You may check the list of organizations and institutions below that accept donations whether it is in cash or in kind: 

  • Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) - DSWD-National Resource Operations Center (NROC) Chapel Road, Pasay City (going to NAIA2). Contact number: (02) 851-2681
  • Philippine National Police - PNP Gymnasium, Camp Crame, Quezon City. Contact numbers: 0915-333-8685, (02) 722-0650 (Police Senior Superintendent Teroy Taguinod)
  • Operation Tulong Bayan - Balai, EDSA corner McArthur Ave., Cubao, Quezon City. Contact number: 02-913-6254; or The Commissary at Whitespace, 2341 Chino Roces Ave Ext. (formerly Pasong Tamo Ext), Makati City. Contact number: (02) 729-0030
  • The MVP Tulong Kapatid Center will be open today from 9AM to 5PM to accept cash and relief goods at the Meralco Covered Tennis Court, Meralco Compound, Ortigas, Pasig City. Contact Eds Addun at (0939)913-3771 or 632-8301 for more details.
  • All LBC branches are accepting donations for typhoon Yolanda victims until November 30.
  • All McDonald's stores in the National Capital Region are accepting donations in kind. Collected donations will be packed and distributed through the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) Bigay Tulong Program and ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya.
  • Operation Blessing Philippines is accepting donations in cash and kind at E. Rodriguez Ave. C5 Road cor. Corporal Cruz Bagong Ilog, Pasig City. Call 477-7802 to 04 or (0917)581-2603 for more details. Operation Blessing is also accepting volunteers for their partners in Cebu and other nearby areas.

For some other areas, you may check rappler list here.

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Quotation Treasure #2 : Determination


"Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough." 
- Og Mandino


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My First ever SSS Salary Loan


After working for more than 3 years in different companies, finally I have used my SSS loan benefit for the first time.

For first timers like me, as long as you have 36 posted monthly contributions, you are qualified to file a loan. 
Anyway, these are the following SSS Salary loan requirements I submitted to our HR:

  1. Photocopy of my SSS ID, Company ID and any other 1 valid ID for supporting document. For voluntary, just you’re SSS ID and other 2 valid IDs.
  2. Accomplished SSS loan application form (click here to download SSS Loan Form)
  3. Prepare as well an authorization letter, if the company will process it in behalf of you. (For employed members only.)

Whoala! Just easy as 1-2-3! All you have to do now is to wait for the check which will take a couple of weeks before it will arrive. Or you can check your SSS online account (if you have one!) from time to time to check your loan status. 

On your online SSS account, you will see a Check Generated Status, Check Date, Loan Amount, Check Amount and your monthly amortization which will be deducted on your salary after two months. See image below for reference: 

Check will be delivered to your employer’s address for SSS employed members or to your home address if you are voluntary or separated members. So I’m expecting mine to receive at our office since our HR was the one who filed it for me. :)


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Quotation Treasure #1 : Blessings

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"The secret to happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles."

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Freebies I've received lately!

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I am very thankful that I am a thread subscriber of Freebies on Girltalk. This forum thread given me a chance to received different free stuff shared by GTalkers. Anyway, below is the list of the freebies and samples I've received lately:

  1. EQ Diapers Pregnancy Kit which includes baby wipes, maternity pads, baby book and 2 newborn diapers. I received it last February 1, 2013
  2. Avon Anew Anti-wrinkle trial pack which includes a 28 sachets of free sample of anti-wrinkle cream. I gave this to my mom. :)
  3. Anmum Free Sample -  I remember that I took the 1 minute Folate Test at! Right after answering the survey, I just filled out the form with my complete details. And there you go, waited for my sample to arrive! Anyway, got my anmum chocolate sample yesterday (March 14, 2013)!

Whew! How about you guys, what have you received lately?

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Opened a BDO Junior's Savers Club Account today!

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Because of being an avid reader/member of SmartParenting (a house of  an active community of parents who seek support and information from each other through a credible and fun venue.), I came along with the kiddie saving bank account thread which give me insights to start saving for my baby's needs and for her future as well. So the eagerness of saving for my daughter led me to opened a BDO junior savings account today.

Why I chose BDO? Mainly, it's because of accessibility since there are two branches available and near at my office.

Anyway, BDO Junior's Saver Club is a passbook savings account for children who are 12 years old and younger.


Initial deposit requirement, PHP 500.00 PHP 500.00
Minimum monthly ADB requirement PHP 100.00
Minimum balance to earn interest PHP 500.00
Interest rate per annum 0.2500%

Requirements you need to prepare:
  1. Birth certificate of your baby
  2. Your baby picture
  3. 2 valid ID of parent who will open the account
  4. 1 1x1 ID oicture of the parent who will open the account
  5.  Last is the money you are going to deposit which is the most important one!
After few minutes of waiting for the teller to process my request, I got the passbook at the same day! So happy that I chose a right decision here. How about you guys, What are your ways to invest for your child's future need?

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Bazaar: Babypalooza February 2013

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Babypalooza Bazaar @ Ateneo De Manila University
February 16 - 17, 2013 (9AM - 7PM)
Walter Hogan Conference Center, Ateneo De Manila University, QC.

Babypalooza bazaar focuses more on items and services for babies, toddlers and expectant moms. It features both preloved and brand new premium items from wide list of trusted local and imported brands. You can expect to find Avent, Indigo Baby, Crocs, Crayola, and a whole lot more! I forget to mention that this bazaar has a special feature called the Vendor Protection Program (VPP) which ensures that the items of one Babypalooza vendor will not be sold by another. So you will be sure that your product design you choose is unique. 

So don't forget to book those dates and do your baby shopping at Babypalooza bazaar!

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Google Philippines Launched and Yes, They are Hiring!

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After years of speculations and rumors, Internet Giant Google Inc. has officially announced the opening of Google Philippines Makati office on January 23, 2013. Headed by former friendster executive Narciso Reyes as  its new country manager.

“We’re excited to be deepening our investment in the Philippines with the opening of our office here in Manila. Our local team will be committed to providing services to our Filipino users and to helping businesses — large and small — grow locally and globally, contributing to the growth of the Philippine economy.” Reyes said.

Google also mentioned that they are currently hiring employees for its Manila office. You can found the available positions at


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My 25 To Do List for 2013

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Since I'm turning 25 this year, these are the 25 random things I want to accomplish for 2013:
  1. Finished Og Mandino's Book "Greatest Salesman in the World"
  2. Apply for Internet connection at home
  3. Educate myself regarding financial literacy and invest some money on Mutual Fund
  4. Playroom or Gala with my chloe (in short, spend more time with her.)
  5. Planner ( for tracking down my schedules)
  6. Be regularized at work (5 more months pa before final evaluation!)
  7. Tita Chitt's new cellphone (promised ko to eh!)
  8. New DVD  - Mama already bought it.
  9. New washing machine - bought it as gift for my mom. 
  10. New electric fan
  11. First ever SSS loan
  12. First ever Pagibig loan
  13. Save a total of 10K for chloe - I shouldn't crossed it out since I only achieve half of it. But still I'm glad I already have some.
  14. Finished my craft blog design
  15. Learn how to cook a perfect adobo
  16. Be more productive.
  17. Improve my communication skills.
  18. Exercise and stay healthy! (UTI hope I get you out of my system this year)
  19. Get a new phone for myself.
  20. Pamper myself at least 1x a month ( get a new hairstyle, massage or facial, or whatever thingy that makes me feel so relax!)
  21. Stay happy and positive!
  22. Explore more about my career field.
  23. Learn how to do web designing again. (Gosh! This is something I need to remember & work on.)
  24. Be blessing to others. Get in touch with friends and family.
  25. Be on time! (need to work on my time, since then, da is always complaining I am always late.) - I'm glad I make on time for work and other appointments. :)
I hope that I can achieve some on this list. How about you guys, what are the items included on your 2013 to do list? 

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