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Inexpensive Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is here! And it is the time of the year where our little child is very excited because they have lots of free time to do what they want. Hey mom, be sure that your kids never wasted this season for watching television programs or be on the front of your computer for the whole day.  Below are the top five inexpensive ways to celebrate summer days with your kids.

1. Have a picnic.
This is one of the easiest ways to spend summer. It can be in your front yard, at your living room or in any park in the metro (I think ecopark is a great idea for this?!).  You can even try kite flying, play frisbee or even ride a bike along with your kids.

2. Hold a cooking day.
Get busy in the kitchen with your kids. You can try to cook a favorite dish or invent new recipes together.

3. Have a crafty day.
Make sock puppets and have a sock puppet play or you can even ask them to create something more for fun.

4. Work on a puzzle.
Choose a puzzle that has an interesting character that your child really likes and start to work on this as family.

5. Engage your child in reading
Go to the library once a week or you can even host a reading session everyday at your own home. 

There are other great ways to do during summer – dance lessons, martial arts, swimming lessons, etc. But the only important thing is that our children is always having fun and learning as well. How about you mom, what have you prepared as summer activities for your kids?


  1. Cool, you're back to blogging again! Eco Park is pretty cool place to spend time with your family.

    1. Yeah! Somehow, I realize that I missed writing. Hehe. I haven't gone to eco park. Mganda ba talaga dun?

  2. thanks for reminding me about the ecopark! I've always wanted to take my daughter there, but I keep forgetting :). It's good my daughter loves to read, so I bring her books from the library every single day! She never tires of it. Thanks for the good tips :)

    1. Thanks for reading as well Ms. Pepper! Hope this tips will keep you enjoy your summer with your daughter. :)