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A Warm New Year Greetings From Us

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I edited this pic just to make a unique photo new year greetings! =)

Anyway, since new year is fast approaching us (12 hours & 40 mins. na lang), I'll include the list of my New Years Resolution here: ( Sabi dapat daw ung attainable ang gagawin, so ito na muna )
  • Start to save even if it is small amount
  • Weekend should be an exclusive bonding day with my daughter
  • Eat healthy food - no junkfood ( Good luck to this! Sana magkalaman na ako! Haha)
  • Enroll in a short course again ( Last quarter of 2011, I've enrolled in an english class)
  • Have a part time or new work environment! (basta need ko talaga ng additional income.)
So far, eto na lang muna. I'll update this again. :)


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