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Emptiness During Holiday Season


Have you ever felt these strange feelings? The feeling that there is something missing in your life. You envy others who have a complete family celebrating the holiday season and attending mass together. I think most single parent out there felt this. 

This is really the toughest event we can consider in life of a single parent. Celebrating holiday season yet you are not fully happy because of the current situation.

But I think we, single parent, should be thankful and rejoice because God gives us those emptiness in order for us to remember Him. Even the situation is not really the ideal thing, we should still utter praises and worships for Him because those life challenges is still a blessing. 

Why a blessing? A blessing because it teach us how to be strong and fight for life. The child itself is also a blessing because they give us happiness which no material things can ever replace. And also, it teaches us to believe and still hold on to Him. 

So guys, Rejoice! Rememeber that those things that can't kill us make us more stronger. 


  1. Yes, I do feel a certain emptiness at times... I still wonder why I am in this situation. We single parents never signed up for this, I guess. But we just have to live with it... for the sake of our kids.

  2. Me too Ms. Pepper, I still wonder why I experience this situation. All I wanted and wished for is a happy and complete family for my kid yet it never happen. Siguro ganun talaga. *sigh*