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Chloe turns 1 year old

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My lovely daughter turned 1 year old last August 5, 2011. Time really flies fast talaga noh? I still remember the day when I gave birth to her, the pains and sufferings that almost took me 12 hours of laboring which turned into the joyous feeling I've felt after I saw her.

Now, she can walk on her own. Smile and make kulit whenever she wants to. Anyway, let me show you want happened last Aug 5 and 6.

Pictures below are taken last Aug 5, 2011

Eds and Chloe: last Aug. 5 when we visited at our office

Chloe and her ninong. Haha. look at the face!

While chatting with rakee

At SM Mega

She's pointing out the animals on that car.

look, I know how to play an arcade.
 Pictures below are taken last Aug 6, 2011 (Her Bday Party Celebration)
lootbags I've made for chloe's bday party last aug. 6, 2011

The paper baby shoes I gave as a souvenir. It's a diy project.

Birthday Banner since I haven't made a layout for a tarp.

My little girl sang that day while waiting for her guests to come.

The birthday cake and the mallow hotdogs.

Some of the food we served.

Singing the birthday song for chloe

Picture! picture with her ninangs

Another group pic with her godparents.

Chloe's opening the gifts she received.
while her ninang is eating, chloe is having her slice also. :)

The days were so tiring yet fulfilling since I know that my little girl enjoyed that moment. Happy Birthday my Little Girl, Chloe Ayesha! Remember that mommy loves you always. *Hugs and Kisses*

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