Bitter Sweet Life

A collection of my life (mis) adventures on being a wife, mom, daughter, friend, and anything in between.

When Chloe Meets Chocolate

" It is a sure disaster and funny moments! "


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Paradise In My Confusing Dream

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"I'm wearing a white dress then I am into a place surrounded with a beautiful white flowers and blue sky. The place is full of peacefulness, happiness and purity. Silence came into me then I started to wonder where am I. I actually thought that I'm going to attend a wedding ceremony (probably my wedding). I've search for church and anyone else out there but I'm disappointed, I've found out that I'm only the person on that beautiful paradise.

Where am I? That question ponder on my mind again. As I explore the place no answer is coming to me. All I can hear is the clarity of silence and the loud sound of my heart beating."

- Just a scene from my confusing dream.

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Alone in Mountain

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I have it here
Deep inside in my mind and heart
What should I do?
I don't what's going through...

Ohhh... I think I'm flying
to the strange place again.
An unfair world that's full of illusions
and there's a burden at my back that can't be measure.

I sigh for a while
Then take a walk for one mile
I rest when my knees were shaking
and always take a long look at one thing.

Whom can I rely on?
when all there are too busy
Whom can I talk to?
when no one there is willing to listen?

note: this poem was written last year I think.

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Simple Yet Effective Way of Getting Rid of Pains

Para sa mga taong walang magawa o nakakaexperience ng sakit - sa puso, sa utak o kahit anung klaseng sakit pa yan try niyo tong suggestions na to:

Una: kumuha ng blade at sugatan ang sarili at pagkatapos buhusan ng alcohol (Makakalimutan mo sakit ng ulo mo)

Pangalawa: huwag kang matulog at umiyak sa magdamag (panigurado, mananakit and ilong at mata mo)

Pangatlo: isipin ang masayang nakaraan nyo ng ex mo at alalahanin paano kayo naghiwalay (dre, puso naman to ngayon)

Pang apat: kumain ng ice cream, mangga't bagoong at uminom ng tanduay ice. (plugging pa to ah! Panigurado, sasakit ang iwi mo!)

Applicable din yan mga taong gusto lang mag sick leave sa company, panigurado approve ka!
Anu masasabi nyo? Kung may nais kayo idagdag, marapat lang na mag-iwan na suhestyon ng maidagdag natin sa mga dapat gawin.

note: this post was written just only for fun!


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Wordless Wednesday (081711)

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 "But the son has faith in his father and nevertheless jump into air".


FAITH in GOD changes Everything.


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Chloe turns 1 year old

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My lovely daughter turned 1 year old last August 5, 2011. Time really flies fast talaga noh? I still remember the day when I gave birth to her, the pains and sufferings that almost took me 12 hours of laboring which turned into the joyous feeling I've felt after I saw her.

Now, she can walk on her own. Smile and make kulit whenever she wants to. Anyway, let me show you want happened last Aug 5 and 6.

Pictures below are taken last Aug 5, 2011

Eds and Chloe: last Aug. 5 when we visited at our office

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When he came into my life...

I actually wrote it before (I think that was 2 months ago) but I saved it first as a draft since I'm searching for ways on how I can publish this with encryption. Well, glad that I found ways. :)

Anyway, for those of you who want to try this. You can check out this site for tutorial.I hope this would also work for you. :)

Show encrypted text


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