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Yesterday and the Lessons

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It was like yesterday when we're teasing each other and had a great bonding until I get tired and lean on you.

It was like yesterday when I'm singing while you're playing the guitar.

It was like yesterday when you promised me that the white rose would never ever be turned wilt.

It was like yesterday when we run under the heavy rain then went to the mall even though we were totally wet.

It was like yesterday when we're dreaming to have a happy and whole family.

It was like yesterday when I asked you what would I look like when I got pregnant on our child.

It was like yesterday when you said your love would never ever change.

It was like yesterday...

All those yesterdays are part of the past now.

Thanks to them because I've learned so much.

I've learned to be happy.

I've learned to love myself more.

I've learned to sing and dance while experiencing the storm.

I've learned to call on HIM more.

I've learned to wait for the right time.

I've learned that life is still beautiful no matter what sufferings we're experiencing.

I've learned that I can still smile and laugh even without you in my life.

And the greatest lesson I've learned is that the greatest happiness I'm looking for is in my daughters hand. :)

I know in time I'm not going to shed any single tear.

And  I will be whole again.

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