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The Real Definition of a Father

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Can someone consider himself as a father if he didn’t do any good for his family? I think no. Fo me, he can only be called as SD. SD stands for Sperm Donor. Yeah, he is just a sperm donor only. Why? Because it takes a real man to be called as a father. Also, a real father knows how to protect, provide and be responsible for his OWN family.

Like what I found on the net when I research for the real meaning of father. Read on below:

A real father takes care of his kids no matter,
A real father is there to wipe his child’s tears away,
A real father makes every day of his child’s life a brighter day,
A father is there to help build his child’s hopes and dreams,
A father is there to help his child build confidence and self-esteem.
A father is there to protect them from the world.
A father is there for daddy’s little girl.
A father teaches his son right from wrong.
A father is there to show him how to be strong.
A father is there to show his son how to be a man.
A father is there to give his wife a helping hand.
A father is there to help raise his kids.
A father is there to take responsibility for what he did.
A father is there when his daughter cries.
A father is there when his son asks why.
This world is so hard on a male and man.
But yet a father is the one who still takes a stand.
He’s there for his family and doesn't run out.
Now that’s what I say a real father is all about.
A real father is there for his child’s mother.
Especially when it was his (or their) choice not to wear a rubber.
Even so, he’ll still take responsibility even if he did.
For bringing in this crazy world another kid.
He realizes it takes two not one, to a baby.
He treats her as he should because she’s a true lady.
To have went through those 9 months of pure hell,
Even through all the pain it took, she did well.
A father is there cause it takes a man to raise on son.
It takes two to raise a family not just one.
It takes a mother and father to create a home.
One single parent can’t do it alone.
It takes a father to raise a child not a dad.
It takes a father to teach them right from wrong & good from bad.
A real father is there for his kids when they need him the most.
A father is a man, a hard worker, a husband, and a dad.

source: facebook note

So for those men  who didn't even bother to left the girl whom you got pregnant and suffer all alone just to provide for your own child, stand out and be a real man and a father! Don't hide your eyes behind the new shadow who catch you when you think you fall.

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