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My little girl turned 11-Months-Old today

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Yay! My little angel turned 11 months today. One month to go and it's going to be her 1st year existence on earth. Gosh, I still don't have plan on that special day but I'm hoping I can cope up with the budget and advice all the people I'm going to invite.

Here's actually my little plan for that day, I'm just going to have a simple celebration with the people who are dear to my heart. People who didn't even bother to judge me nor left me hanging in times I am really down and depress. :)

Anyway, here's the simple things that chloe can do now that she's already 11 months old:

  •  going to have 6 teeth. :)
  • tried to walk. At least, she can now takes two steps without holding onto something.
  • can actually climb our stairs (need to watch her always.)
  • whisper  'sssshhh', make nguso and blow bubbles.
  • loves to play peek-a-boo
  • understands simple instructions like lying down for her to drink her milk and sit down. :)
  • utter another new words like 'gaga', 'bababa'.

haayy, time really fly fast. I hope I can still cope up with the fast development of my child.

Please baby, don't grow too fast. I want to enjoy and cherish every moment with you. I still want to make you milk on your feeding bottles and sing lullabye when your sleeping in your hammock. Also, I still want to carry you lying on my arms.

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