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First Massage Experience!

Last Friday , I had my first massage and foot bath experience with my best bud, chenie, at Islands Massage Mobile and Day Spa which we actually availed on online groupon site - Metrodeal. I must say that was really a nice and relaxing night. We actually entertained as a regular customer. They already assisted us and had our foot bath first at their guest area. After that, we went upstairs for the whole body massage procedure. Uhm at first, we were kinda hesitant when the masseuse said that we need to put off our bra. Shy? Not really. We were just not comfortable on that matter. But because it is a must, we put off our bra. Thanks to the lights off scheme they have we manage to do that. Lol.

And after an hour of massage session, we went home really feel relaxed and relief of our body pains.

Oops, I forgot to mention that we also got some beauty product from them. Mine was a bleaching soap and Cheng has the papaya soap.

All in all, we had a total fun and relaxing experience there. Thanks Islands Massage Mobile and Day Spa for the experience. I would love to avail this service again.

Anyway, see the voucher above? That was actually the same group voucher we used at the massage parlor.  The massage was actually worth P1,800 but because of the power of groupon sites nowadays, we got it for only P300. Yay, that's a super savings. =)


  1. I don't think I'll be able to pull that off...shy much! :P