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This is finally over!

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I hate it. I hate what happened to us. I didn't want this. But why?

Lately, I'm doing too much thinking. Thinking lots of ifs and possibilities that might had come my way.

Actually, it is so hard to let go of the feeling which I treasured the most in my life. Please tell me how I should cope up with this. I don't know how to heal a broken heart. Oh God, please help me.

I know there will come the time that someone in our life is going to bid goodbye. But I didn't expect that you are the one who is going to say that word. I know I've hurt you, but don't you feel I'm the one who is hurting the most?

I know you are happy now wherever you are. And me, here I am hurting and broken. Those three years, it's all gone now. How can I forget? How can I start over again?

The sadness of the night brings back the days we had, the time you let go of me, and the moment that I surrendered you. Even the silence reminds me of all the sorrows, the pain and my hopelessness.

Let me suffer in silence, till I get over you. Slowly, I can let you go and I will be me once again. I will be keeping my words, I will move on. But you will always be a part of me.

My love, my misery...

I'm letting go of you now. It's time to set myself free.

This is the hardest thing I will do, coz I still love you.

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