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So Much Pain...

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The pains and heartaches I have felt is enough already. After I saw his profile with a new album with his new girlfriend then that's the time I found out and say to myself, "it is over already". This relationship will never have a happy ending. He already find his life and now, it is time for me to start my whole new life. I actually don't know where to start but I hope with God's grace and with my little angel who become my strength and new happiness, I know little by little I can cope up with this trials.

Maybe, God has a reason why I'm experiencing all this hurts and challenges. Whatever the reason behind this, I know that He is preparing something more beautiful for me.  I think I should now learn how to be patient and strengthen my faith to wait for His own time to work on my life.

As I was looking for some song on youtube, I stumbled on Rascal Flatts song which entitled "I'm Moving On". I love its beat and the message it conveys. I think my shout out should be now something like this "I should be moving on now and soon I'll be better in time!".

Anyway, below is the video of the song.

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