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Should I Let Go Now?

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I was so fool. I thought the moment we've talk was the start of something new to us. But I was wrong, it was only your way to connect to me in order for you to hurt me again. Now, I'm asking you, are you happy now? You messed up with my life again.

Haven't I done anything on this? Why we should we feel like this? Me particularly! Most of the people say that women should be treated like a princess. But why o why? Is this still a princess treatment? I can't believe that the same person who told me and promise me that he'll not going to hurt me and make me cry is now making me cry to the extent that I become so numb of pain. He is actually my strength but after all this, he become my weakness. *Sigh*

Now, he make realize that I should not believe on promises because promises are meant to be broken.

Tell me is it over now? Should I start letting go of the little hope I have in my heart? Should I also let go of all the memories and feelings I have for you?

                                                          (this video really speaks what inside me.)

photo credit: itsjaneworld.blogspot.com

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