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I don't know actually what I am thinking when I left you yesterday. But my instinct (mother instinct) said to me that I should leave you coz the little girl might crying and looking for her mom. You know the situation, but why can't you just understand me. I ask you what's our status then you answered me with a kiss. Well, you really know how to make me calm whenever I have doubt in my mind.

I actually love the conversation we had. It's really nice chatting with you about anything under the sun. But I can't understand before that day was over, how we end up on this again? Why can't we understand each other? Questions on my mind are eating me now. I cant think of any reasons why you become so temperamental person.

I know things really change even the two of us changed already but how about the feelings? Does it change also?

Oh how I wish we can still be like the way before.

This song hit me when it is played here at the office while writing short post.

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