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Saturday night party turned into drama

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Well, I spent another saturday at office  since we offset it for the seminar we're going to attend on April 1 - 2. Okay, actually I'm not in a mood to work since it supposed to be our rest day. Well, thank God that I survive that negative feeling. After a long tiring day at the office, I went straight to my friend's birthday party (Lime). Then two of my friends that are already there ask me to go home to get my camera, so I go home. I'm actually supposed to get the camera alone, but my mom insisted that I should brought chloe. Get the idea? Yeah, I went to the party with my child. :)

When we were there, guess what? Chloe is the star of the night. Everybody there want to kiss and hug her. It's like it's her birthday party well in fact it's her ninang's birthday party.

Another scene takes place, Chloe's Dada followed us there.  He said to me that he only wants to see and hug chloe. Well, I gave him the chance since I'm not like the others who is bitter with the idea of allowing the child to see her father.  I actually love the scene since I am a family-oriented type of person. I love how he hugged and kissed her. It's really fulfilling to see them like that but at the same time, my heart felt like a mountain crashing. I don't like the situation we're having now. I actually wants us complete.

Fast forward to what happened, I cried my heart out that night. Thanks for my friends who comforted me - roda, lime, lhen & rosa. I owe them once again. Great thanks for them who always listen to my stupidity and failures. They are the one who knows what I feel and how much I love the guy. Thank you guys for the advices. 

Anyway though that night became my drama, I'm still thankful that I still manage to smile. I think I am stronger now than before. I am very much thankful for our dear God for giving me courage to stay strong despite of all the challenges I'm facing now. God, may your plan fulfill my life. Let me see your ways in every experiences I have. I know in Your time, things will fall into places. Please allow me to learn to how to stretch my patience.

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