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Chloe's 7 Month Birthday!

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Yes, you've read it right! Yesterday is my little girl 7 month's birthday. Oh, it's been so long since I haven't posted anything about my little girl here. Anyway, time really fly fast. It was like yesterday when I gave birth to you my little girl and now you're like a little lady.

This is chloe's first few shots:

baby story
chloe's first week
and now, this is her recent shots:

  • baby story
chloe's 7th month photos

At this month, Choe is already able to:
- Utter the following words: "ahh" "ehh", "aba", "ta", "mama", "dada" and a whole lot more.
- crawl as fast as she can. :)
- Plays with her hands and feet.
- Rolls over in both directions.
- Sits momentarily without support.
- can eat solid food like cerelace, mashed potato, mashed carrot, etc.

I love you and Happy 7th month birthday little girl! :)

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