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Our sweet goodbye to a friend!

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Hi everyone! Forgive me for not updating my blog for several days now. Anyway, what keep me busy those days? If I say that I become lazy to write? Can it be considered as valid? Well... I know! I know! It's my fault. Being lazy is one of the big no no in life. Okay, let me start my story now.

One of our dearest office-mate has filed her resignation early this year so before her last day, we have already set a  farewell party  (despedida in filipino) for her last Feb. 4 at Centerstage, Makati. Here is the pic of the night full of laughter and singing.

despedida pictures

Anyway,  follow up on this story. Last Feb. 9 we said our byes to her because it's her official last day. We ask her to treat us ice cream since it is our favorite merienda. Oh well, glad that she affirmed the idea. Lol.

So we went to 7-eleven and picked a half gallon of  Selecta gold series ice cream flavored "berry strawberry".

 Teasing and eating take place that time. We really had a great afternoon though we know the fact that it is her last day  at the company.

Well, that's life! Change is constant.We're hoping the best for her especially on her health. Till next time, Jan :) We will miss you.

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