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My Late New year Greetings!

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Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I haven't posted anything here. Anyway, I just wanna greet you all a Happy New Year! Ooopps... I think I must say belated?! Lol

Here's some of the photos I've capture at that very moment.


(Chloe's shots)


(Food! Food!)
 I admit that I'm not a professional photographer but still my photos look good, ryt?! LOL

Anyway, I love how we spend this celebration because this is our first new year with our lilttle girl, Chloe! :p

P.S. : though we didn't spent this year end watching fireworks like we used to do, still I'm glad you didn't forget to greet me a "Happy New Year" with a smile. Haha.  mwuahh.. mwuahh..

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