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Choosing the right diaper for our baby

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Aside from making sure that that your baby is safe from rashes and other skin diseases, purchasing the precise types of diaper may also help you spare money. This is why picking the best type is really significant. Below are a few things that you must think of. 

*  First, look at the materials that the baby diaper is made of. It should be very absorbent ensuring that baby stay dry for long period of time
*  Second, consider the price. There are some diapers that will cost you more yet it's not good for your baby's skin.

*  Third, consider also if it's hypoallergenic. Because diaper rashes is not only caused by urine, it can also be caused by diaper itself.

* Fourth, your baby's diaper should be easy to secure. 

* And lastly, you can ask other moms to find out what diaper brands that work best for their babies. It can help you save time and effort finding the right diaper for your baby.

As per my daughter, she's using EQ dry now. Actually, I tried different kinds of diaper thinking I can save more in much cheaper kinds but unfortunately, her skin doesn't want any other kind. Lol.

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