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Moments with friends!

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Moments are always there! Giving you reasons to enjoy life even in a smallest way. I really love the life opportunity to be happy and the people around me whom I treasure most. Like what quotes said, "It is always great to share moments with your loved ones". Yeah, it's true. Last October 18, 2010, I have given  a chance to spend the night with my long time friends. We were actually friends since we were in high school.

I can't explain what I felt that moment. It was a mixed emotions - happy and excited! I am really glad that I spend that time with them despite of the different schedules that we have. God is really great! Even though, we were not complete still He made a way just to push through the plan. Actually, you can really feel the extreme happiness. O.A.? Lol. But that was I felt that time, It's the feeling that you're totally contented  and complete because you have known that there are great people who accepts you for being you and love you not only as a friend but also as a sister.

I hope there would always be next time for us to gather. I Love you BBG! Mwuahh...


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