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Marvel's Avengers 2012 Movie Schedules

Marvel Avengers 2012 Movie

Finally, the long wait is over! Marvel's Avengers Assemble 2012 Movie is now showing on our theaters nationwide starting today ( April 25, 2012). I am sure that there's no more available seats once I decided to watch it now. Maybe, I should try the sure seats program of some movie house or buy cinema tickets online. Anyway, below are some of the film schedules across the theaters.

Inexpensive Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is here! And it is the time of the year where our little child is very excited because they have lots of free time to do what they want. Hey mom, be sure that your kids never wasted this season for watching television programs or be on the front of your computer for the whole day.  Below are the top five inexpensive ways to celebrate summer days with your kids.

1. Have a picnic.
This is one of the easiest ways to spend summer. It can be in your front yard, at your living room or in any park in the metro (I think ecopark is a great idea for this?!).  You can even try kite flying, play frisbee or even ride a bike along with your kids.

2. Hold a cooking day.
Get busy in the kitchen with your kids. You can try to cook a favorite dish or invent new recipes together.

Emptiness During Holiday Season

Have you ever felt these strange feelings? The feeling that there is something missing in your life. You envy others who have a complete family celebrating the holiday season and attending mass together. I think most single parent out there felt this. 

This is really the toughest event we can consider in life of a single parent. Celebrating holiday season yet you are not fully happy because of the current situation.

But I think we, single parent, should be thankful and rejoice because God gives us those emptiness in order for us to remember Him. Even the situation is not really the ideal thing, we should still utter praises and worships for Him because those life challenges is still a blessing. 

Why a blessing? A blessing because it teach us how to be strong and fight for life. The child itself is also a blessing because they give us happiness which no material things can ever replace. And also, it teaches us to believe and still hold on to Him. 

So guys, Rejoice! Rememeber that those things that can't kill us make us more stronger. 

A Warm New Year Greetings From Us

I edited this pic just to make a unique photo new year greetings! =)

Anyway, since new year is fast approaching us (12 hours & 40 mins. na lang), I'll include the list of my New Years Resolution here: ( Sabi dapat daw ung attainable ang gagawin, so ito na muna )
  • Start to save even if it is small amount
  • Weekend should be an exclusive bonding day with my daughter
  • Eat healthy food - no junkfood ( Good luck to this! Sana magkalaman na ako! Haha)
  • Enroll in a short course again ( Last quarter of 2011, I've enrolled in an english class)
  • Have a part time or new work environment! (basta need ko talaga ng additional income.)
So far, eto na lang muna. I'll update this again. :)