Bitter Sweet Life

A collection of my life (mis) adventures on being a wife, mom, daughter, friend, and anything in between.

My Friday Leave

I love what happened last May 6, 2011 though it was really hot and tiring day, I had a great fun. I can say that my leave was really worth it.

Anyway on that day, we went to The Medical City to have my mom ear checkup and since I don't want to wait, I had my eye to check. Yes, I've done that because I almost experienced pain and blurring when I am doing my work. After the checkup, good to know that I still have a 20-20 vision. The only thing the doctor found out is my eyes are super dry so she gave me a prescription (Maybe it's because of too much exposure on computer screen).

Manicure & Pedicure Experience - Group Vouchers Philippines

Me and my friend, chenie, had a great Saturday last May 07, 2011 after we have availed the voucher we bought at ensogo - one of the numerous group buying sites that recently invades internet world. Anyway, below is the soft copy of the voucher we used at Studio Zen Salon for manicure and pedicure service worth P150 only.

chloe turned 9 months old last 050511!

Last May 05, 2011, My little girl turned 9 months. Oh how fast the time really is, it was like yesterday when I'm carrying her inside my womb but now she turned into more active and lovely child.

In line with this, here are the things she can do now:

What to do when baby bites?

I'm doing a research on what to do when baby bites. Yeah, you've read it right. Since my baby girl has 4 front teeth now, she actually loves gnaw, chomp and tear my skin - my arm, belly, and sometimes my nipple.

Anyway, these are some of the quick tips I found on the net:

Ignore and Distract. I am sure that it hurts like hell, but any response makes the recurrence of biting. Your child loves to learn new ways to use to influence his world. Detach him, take a deep breath, and move on.