Bitter Sweet Life

A collection of my life (mis) adventures on being a wife, mom, daughter, friend, and anything in between.

His word: forgiveness

As I'm having my blog hopping, I came across with joannawillis blog. Her blog is more on spiritual and self help topic. What I love most on her posts is about the forgiveness. Due to what I'm experiencing now, I think joanna is right. I need to set free all the hurts and pains I feel. There's no reason for me to hold on to the negative feeling since there's still reason for me to smile and be happy - my friends, family and my little girl.

Saturday night party turned into drama

Well, I spent another saturday at office  since we offset it for the seminar we're going to attend on April 1 - 2. Okay, actually I'm not in a mood to work since it supposed to be our rest day. Well, thank God that I survive that negative feeling. After a long tiring day at the office, I went straight to my friend's birthday party (Lime). Then two of my friends that are already there ask me to go home to get my camera, so I go home. I'm actually supposed to get the camera alone, but my mom insisted that I should brought chloe. Get the idea? Yeah, I went to the party with my child. :)

When we were there, guess what? Chloe is the star of the night. Everybody there want to kiss and hug her. It's like it's her birthday party well in fact it's her ninang's birthday party.

So much love songs

Oh my gosh! Why they are playing so much love and heart breaking songs here in the office. I hate it!
This is one of the song that they aired yesterday morning which really strikes me from within  - "Love takes time to heal when you're hurting so much".So tell me, how could I forget the pain when there are so much things that I can relate on? It's like a torture. whaaaahh..  Anyway, still I'm glad that I didn't even shed a tear.

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