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What to do when baby bites?

I'm doing a research on what to do when baby bites. Yeah, you've read it right. Since my baby girl has 4 front teeth now, she actually loves gnaw, chomp and tear my skin - my arm, belly, and sometimes my nipple.

Anyway, these are some of the quick tips I found on the net:

Ignore and Distract. I am sure that it hurts like hell, but any response makes the recurrence of biting. Your child loves to learn new ways to use to influence his world. Detach him, take a deep breath, and move on.

Choosing the right diaper for our baby

(source: lutes)
Aside from making sure that that your baby is safe from rashes and other skin diseases, purchasing the precise types of diaper may also help you spare money. This is why picking the best type is really significant. Below are a few things that you must think of. 

*  First, look at the materials that the baby diaper is made of. It should be very absorbent ensuring that baby stay dry for long period of time