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My New Blog Header!

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Just when I got bored with the simple text header of my blog, that's why I become more eager now to research for a tutorial on how to make a blogger header using GIMP.

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, is an open source graphic editing software like photoshop.

Here's a simple tutorial for those who are interested.

1. First, you need to open your GIMP program and select file > New

2. On the blank canvas that you have, select File > Open and search now for the picture file you're going to use.

3. Next thing to do is you need to click on the picture that you want to re-size and then go to the GIMP control panel and select “Scale”.  After that, click anywhere on the photo and a pop-up will appear then put the desired height and width for your banner. (Mine was 950 x 229.)

4.  Once it is already resized, select it by pressing 'CTRL X' and hit 'CTRL V' to paste it on a new canvas.
 Note: New canvas should be the same with your desired height and width  for your banner.

5. Voila, you'll now have your desired banner. Anyway, don't forget to save the picture with the file extension name as jpeg.

Anyway, here is the screenshot of my before and after blog header.

Before: my simple and boring blog header

After:  My new blog header

yay! There's a great improvement right?! A little creativity would really pay you a lot. Until my next banner update. :p

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