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My Friday Leave

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I love what happened last May 6, 2011 though it was really hot and tiring day, I had a great fun. I can say that my leave was really worth it.

Anyway on that day, we went to The Medical City to have my mom ear checkup and since I don't want to wait, I had my eye to check. Yes, I've done that because I almost experienced pain and blurring when I am doing my work. After the checkup, good to know that I still have a 20-20 vision. The only thing the doctor found out is my eyes are super dry so she gave me a prescription (Maybe it's because of too much exposure on computer screen).

After a long checkup process, I urged my mom that we should go to salon and have a hair cut. Yey! glad that she affirmed the idea. Oops, I haven't mentioned that we brought Chloe all along. Yes, she's with us the whole day. Actually, she was really so kulit during that day. She actually greeted all the people there with her cute and innocent smile and walk around at the lobby of the hospital.

Gonna post the pictures I've taken during that time here once I got home. =)

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