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Chloe's going to be 8-months old tomorrow!

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I've been posting so much drama on this blog recently. I think it's time for me to focus on what other things that makes me busy for several days. Anyway, for the heads ups, my girl would be 8-months old tomorrow. So here's some things she can do now:

- she loves to blow bubbles. she actually do it after she drinks milk or water.
- she can sit now without support.
- crawls as fast as she can
- indicates wants gestures by extending her arms.
- she can now stand while holding onto something (in short, she can stand with support)
- she also try to pulls her self to rise while in her hammock.
- she can says "mama", "mama-mi", "dada" and other combination's of words.

That's it for now! I'm gonna post her pictures tomorrow and will try to blog everything that happened to me these past few days. :)

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