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facebook deactivate account


I finally decided to deactivate my facebook account since I think it's not going to help me to forget. Actually, it is really hard for me to deactivate my account since it's one of my way to communicate with lots of my friends. But I can't hold on to the hurt feelings. And now, it's officially the start of our (chloe & I) new life without him. I know it's hard but I'm going to be back on the track soon.

Update (040911): 
I activated my facebook account again because of my friend's request . Also, I'm the one whose going to register our group for Forest trekking at Mt. Batulao using facebook account.


  1. i wish its not another reflection of my story..
    be strong after all its already there... i dont know what happen so i dont have the right to say a word.. but all i can offer is a hug from a single mom who have been to hell but now its all paying...

  2. You're the only one who knows what's best for you and your baby. I know everything will be all right soon. All the best! Cheers!

  3. @stephanie - We're 3+ years of relationship and I actually don't know why he decided to give up on us. Well, the only thing that we had argued was I refuse to see him for twice. I know it's my fault but why can't he understand the situation. Anyway, thanks for hug.

    @tricky - Thanks for the positive feedback! I know It'll be over soon. :)